Wednesday, May 6, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,655-3,660

Answer 3,655: Entertainment & Food -- Beach Bummer

c) Dennis Wilson

The vocalist, drummer, and guitarist was the middle brother and the only real California surfer in the group.

Answer 3,656: History & Government -- March Madness

d) William Tecumseh Sherman

The campaign began on November 15, 1864 and lasted 24 days. Sherman bragged, "We have devoured the land... . To realize what war is, one should follow our tracks."

Answer 3,657: Math & Science -- Senior Cells

b) Brain cells

They can exist for a lifetime.

Answer 3,658: Geography & Nature -- Hellenic Home

a) Greece

Homer first used the term "Hellen" to refer to members of a Thessalian tribe over 2,000 years ago.

Answer 3,659: Literature & Arts -- Face Value

c) 2

The god of doorways and passages lent his name to the month of January, which faces both the previous year and the current year.

Answer 3,660: Sports & Games -- Card and Coin Conditions

b) Mint

For trading cards the term means no scratches, fading, bent corners, or worn edges.

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