Monday, May 4, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,649-3,654

Question 3,649: Entertainment & Food -- Orchestra Ordering

In a classical orchestra, which musical instrument section is usually directly in front of the conductor on the right?

a) Cellos
b) Oboes
c) Trombones
d) Violins

Question 3,650: History & Government -- Original OPEC

Which country below was not one of the founding members of OPEC?

a) Kuwait
b) Libya
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Venezuela

Question 3,651: Math & Science -- Placin' the Basin

On which planet can the Caloris Basin be found?

a) Earth
b) Mars
c) Mercury
d) Venus

Question 3,652: Geography & Nature -- Reduced Republic

What is the smallest of the former Soviet republics?

a) Armenia
b) Azerbaijan
c) Belarus
d) Estonia

Question 3,653: Literature & Arts -- Screenplay Scripter

What Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright wrote a screenplay for The Postman Always Rings Twice?

a) Arthur Miller
b) David Mamet
c) Noel Coward
d) Tennessee Williams

Question 3,654: Sports & Games -- Chess King

Who was the first generally recognized world chess champion in 1886?

a) Paul Morphy
b) Ruy Lopez
c) Wilhelm Steinitz
d) William Stanton

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