Sunday, May 24, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,733-3,738

Question 3,733: Entertainment & Food -- First Film

What was the subject of the first motion picture in 1895?

a) Car
b) Horse
c) Man
d) Train

Question 3,734: History & Government -- Still Standing

Which city has the oldest standing public building in the U.S.?

a) Jamestown, Virginia
b) Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts
c) Santa Fe, New Mexico
d) St. Augustine, Florida

Question 3,735: Math & Science -- Formaldehyde Form

At standard temperature and pressure, what phase does formaldehyde exist in?

a) Gas
b) Liquid
c) Plasma
d) Solid

Question 3,736: Geography & Nature -- Busy in Belgium

What city is Belgium's busiest and largest harbor?

a) Antwerp
b) Brussels
c) Ghent
d) Liege

Question 3,737: Literature & Arts -- Play the Fool

Which Shakespeare play does the term "motley fool" come from?

a) As You Like It
b) King Lear
c) Measure for Measure
d) Twelfth Night

Question 3,738: Sports & Games -- Fatal Fault

What tennis player's serve struck a center service linesman, knocking him over and killing him in 1983?

a) Boris Becker
b) Jimmy Arias
c) Roscoe Tanner
d) Stefan Edberg

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