Thursday, May 28, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,757-3,762

Question 3,757: Entertainment & Food -- Cheese in Threes

In what country did Asiago, Gorgonzola, and Romano cheeses originate?

a) Greece
b) Italy
c) Portugal
d) Spain

Question 3,758: History & Government -- Death to the Death Penalty

What country became the first to abolish the death penalty in 1787?

a) Austria
b) Belgium
c) Finland
d) Portugal

Question 3,759: Math & Science -- Circling the Sun

Which planet's orbit around the Sun is closest to a circle?

a) Earth
b) Mars
c) Neptune
d) Venus

Question 3,760: Geography & Nature -- Central and Surrounded

What is the landlocked central African country whose capital is N'Djamena?

a) Cameroon
b) Central African Republic
c) Chad
d) Congo

Question 3,761: Literature & Arts -- Truth DK

What does the 'D' in DK books stand for?

a) Darking
b) Deering
c) Dorling
d) Downing

Question 3,762: Sports & Games -- Field Cricketer

Which term below is not one of the positions in the sport of cricket?

a) Cover point
b) Gully
c) Square leg
d) Turn stop

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