Sunday, May 10, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,673-3,678

Question 3,673: Entertainment & Food -- Naming Nothing

What was the original title of the show when Seinfeld first aired on May 31, 1990?

a) Jerry Seinfeld
b) Seinfeld and Friends
c) Seinfeld Chronicles
d) Seinfeld Sighs

Question 3,674: History & Government -- Kill Hill

During the Vietnam War, by what nickname did American soldiers call Apbia Mountain?

a) Hamburger Hill
b) Heartache Hill
c) Heart Attack Hill
d) Horror Hill

Question 3,675: Math & Science -- Factorial Fact

In math, what symbol indicates a factorial?

a) At sign (@)
b) Caret (^)
c) Exclamation point (!)
d) Pound sign (#)

Question 3,676: Geography & Nature -- Boot Route

What is the principle river of Italy?

a) Arno River
b) Po River
c) Salto River
d) Tiber River

Question 3,677: Literature & Arts -- Technology and Trickery

What author observed, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"?

a) Arthur C. Clarke
b) Isaac Asimov
c) Piers Anthony
d) Rick Cook

Question 3,678: Sports & Games -- League Likeness

Which is the only one of the following ways in which National Football League and Arena Football League rules agree?

a) Field goal kicks are in play off net
b) Number of downs
c) Number of players on the field
d) Walls around the playing field

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