Tuesday, May 12, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,685-3,690

Question 3,685: Entertainment & Food -- Before MASH

What M*A*S*H actor had previously appeared in the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke?

a) Harry Morgan
b) Mike Farrell
c) Wayne Rogers
d) William Christopher

Question 3,686: History & Government -- Carnation Connection

For which U.S. President's birthday, January 29, was Carnation Day named?

a) Andrew Johnson
b) Herbert Hoover
c) Theodore Roosevelt
d) William McKinley

Question 3,687: Math & Science -- Multi-Millennial Measure

What is the current geological epoch?

a) Holocene
b) Miocene
c) Pleistocene
d) Pliocene

Question 3,688: Geography & Nature -- Road Runner Race

What type of bird is the Road Runner of Wile E. Coyote fame?

a) Cuckoo
b) Finch
c) Ostrich
d) Sparrow

Question 3,689: Literature & Arts -- Martian Man

What author's 1950 book The Martian Chronicles was made into a movie three decades later?

a) H.G. Wells
b) Isaac Asimov
c) Jules Verne
d) Ray Bradbury

Question 3,690: Sports & Games -- Playing with a Planchette

What board game uses a planchette?

a) Battleship
b) The Game of Life
c) Ouija
d) Trouble

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