Monday, June 8, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,793-3,798

Answer 3,793: Entertainment & Food -- All You Need Is Love Songs

b) "Fuer Elise"

Snippets of "She Loves You" and "In the Mood" also play.

Answer 3,794: History & Government -- Synchronous Scrawling

b) James Garfield

After the 20th U.S. President was the only lefty out of the first 32 Presidents, four of the last eleven have been left-handed.

Answer 3,795: Math & Science -- Mars Metal

b) Iron

They associated Mercury with mercury, Venus with copper, Jupiter with tin, and Saturn with lead.

Answer 3,796: Geography & Nature -- Peach Pedigree

b) Asia

Although their scientific name is Prunus persica, peaches first grew 3,000 years ago in China not Persia.

Answer 3,797: Literature & Arts -- Sun-dried Sustenance

d) Raisins

The castaway needed to dry the grapes to prevent them from spoiling.

Answer 3,798: Sports & Games -- Chariot Race

a) 100 meters

The qualifying round was held on a Sunday. Liddell won a bronze in the 200 and set an Olympic record to capture the gold in the 400.

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