Wednesday, June 10, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,811-3,816

Question 3,811: Entertainment & Food -- The Twenty Million Dollar Man

Who was the first actor to make $20 million for one movie?

a) Harrison Ford
b) Jim Carrey
c) Sylvester Stallone
d) Tom Hanks

Question 3,812: History & Government -- Canadian Coins

Which coin was not included in the first set of Canadian currency, issued on December 12, 1858?

a) Dime
b) Nickel
c) Penny
d) Quarter

Question 3,813: Math & Science -- Yard Arm

Which English king's arm defined the length of the yard almost 1,000 years ago?

a) King Edward
b) King Henry I
c) King Richard I
d) King William II

Question 3,814: Geography & Nature -- Bygone Bytown

What Canadian city was formerly known as Bytown?

a) Calgary
b) Ottawa
c) Toronto
d) Vancouver

Question 3,815: Literature & Arts -- Quest to Be the Best

What American runner's autobiography was titled In Quest of Gold?

a) Carl Lewis
b) Jim Ryun
c) Michael Johnson
d) Renaldo Nehemiah

Question 3,816: Sports & Games -- Support Sport

For which sport was the jock strap devised?

a) Basketball
b) Bicycling
c) Rugby
d) Wrestling

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