Saturday, June 13, 2009

Operating System Codenames - Random Trivia Questions

Codenames are used during the development of operating systems for many reasons: for secrecy, for brevity, for expediency (e.g., because the final name hasn't been chosen yet), or for other marketing, technical, or corporate reasons. This week's quiz highlights six Mac OS X and six Windows codenames from the past fifteen years. How many of these operating systems can you remember (please specify one decimal place in the version number where relevant)?

Operating System Codenames Questions


  • Q1) Cheetah
  • Q2) Jaguar
  • Q3) Leopard
  • Q4) Panther
  • Q5) Puma
  • Q6) Tiger


  • Q7) Cairo
  • Q8) Chicago
  • Q9) Janus
  • Q10) Longhorn
  • Q11) Memphis
  • Q12) Whistler

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