Saturday, June 27, 2009

Topping Two Times - Random Trivia Questions

Since the New York Times Best Seller list debuted on August 9, 1942, a surprisingly high number of authors have reached #1 on both their fiction and non-fiction lists. How many of the writers can you identify given their first books to top each chart (bonus points for naming any co-authors; hint: the authors are listed in the order in which they became two-timers)?

Topping Two Times Questions

  • Q1) Fiction: East of Eden. Non-Fiction: Travels with Charley
  • Q2) Fiction: Across the River and Into the Trees. Non-Fiction: A Moveable Feast
  • Q3) Fiction: The Confessions of Nat Turner. Non-Fiction: Darkness Visible
  • Q4) Fiction: You're Only Old Once. Non-Fiction: Oh, the Places You'll Go
  • Q5) Fiction: Where Is Joe Merchant?. Non-Fiction: A Pirate Looks at Fifty
  • Q6) Fiction: Red Storm Rising. Non-Fiction: Every Man a Tiger
  • Q7) Fiction: From Potter's Field. Non-Fiction: Portrait of a Killer
  • Q8) Fiction: The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Non-Fiction: Tuesdays with Morrie
  • Q9) Fiction: The Pelican Brief. Non-Fiction: The Innocent Man
  • Q10) Fiction: 2nd Chance. Non-Fiction: Against Medical Advice
  • Q11) Fiction: The Christmas Sweater. Non-Fiction: An Inconvenient Book
  • Q12) Who is the only author to have at least two #1 books on each list?

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