Tuesday, June 16, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,835-3,840

Question 3,835: Entertainment & Food -- Consequential Cowboy

Who was the first movie cowboy?

a) Broncho Billy
b) Buffalo Bill
c) Buffalo Bob
d) Howdy Doody

Question 3,836: History & Government -- Formed by the Fourteenth

What did the last of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points form the basis for?

a) The American Red Cross
b) The League of Nations
d) The United Nations

Question 3,837: Math & Science -- Icountahedron

How many faces does an icosahedron have?

a) 8
b) 12
c) 16
d) 20

Question 3,838: Geography & Nature -- Rainier Region

Which state's highest point is Mount Rainier?

a) California
b) Idaho
c) Oregon
d) Washington

Question 3,839: Literature & Arts -- Color Commentary

What color did Herman Melville include a long essay about in his novel Moby Dick?

a) Black
b) Blue
c) Red
d) White

Question 3,840: Sports & Games -- Dan the Man

In what event did Dan Jansen finally win an Olympic speed skating gold medal in 1994?

a) 500 meters
b) 1,000 meters
c) 1,500 meters
d) 5,000 meters

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