Thursday, June 25, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,877-3,882

Question 3,877: Entertainment & Food -- Outstanding Opera

What Italian composer wrote the opera Aida in 1871?

a) Claudio Monteverdi
b) Giacomo Puccini
c) Gioacchino Rossini
d) Giuseppe Verdi

Question 3,878: History & Government -- Hillary's Home

What country is mountain climber Sir Edmund Hillary from?

a) Finland
b) India
c) New Zealand
d) Scotland

Question 3,879: Math & Science -- Exposing the Electron

What scientist discovered the electron in 1897?

a) Ernest Rutherford
b) Humphrey Davy
c) James Chadwick
d) Joseph John Thomson

Question 3,880: Geography & Nature -- Capital Capital

Which country below does not have the same exact name as its capital city?

a) Djibouti
b) Kuwait
c) Luxembourg
d) Tunisia

Question 3,881: Literature & Arts -- Paternoster Placement

What rosary bead is called the paternoster?

a) 6th
b) 8th
c) 10th
d) 12th

Question 3,882: Sports & Games -- Olympic Hardball

Which team lost the first Olympic baseball gold medal game to Cuba when the sport debuted in 1992?

a) Canada
b) Japan
c) Taiwan
d) United States

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