Sunday, June 21, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,853-3,858

Question 3,853: Entertainment & Food -- Strung by Stradivari

For what musical instrument is Antonio Stradivari of Cremonais best known?

a) Cello
b) Guitar
c) Viola
d) Violin

Question 3,854: History & Government -- Sesquicentennial Span

How long is a sesquicentennial?

a) 50 years
b) 150 years
c) 250 years
d) 500 years

Question 3,855: Math & Science -- Alimentary, My Dear

Which body part below is not part of the alimentary canal?

a) Duodenum
b) Esophagus
c) Gall bladder
d) Large intestine

Question 3,856: Geography & Nature -- Danzig Scene

What is the current name of the Polish city formerly known as Danzig?

a) Gdansk
b) Krakow
c) Lodz
d) Warsaw

Question 3,857: Literature & Arts -- Small Stuart

What type of animal is E.B. White's Stuart Little in the 1945 book?

a) Beetle
b) Kangaroo
c) Mouse
d) Rabbit

Question 3,858: Sports & Games -- Hike for Mike

Which NFL team did Mike Ditka coach from 1982 to 1992?

a) Atlanta Falcons
b) Chicago Bears
c) Denver Broncos
d) New Orleans Saints

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