Monday, June 1, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,769-3,774

Question 3,769: Entertainment & Food -- Oscar Omission

In 1939, which of the following Oscar awards did Gone With the Wind fail to win?

a) Best Actor
b) Best Actress
c) Best Director
d) Best Supporting Actress

Question 3,770: History & Government -- Body Bidding

For what body part was an illegal auction on eBay stopped as the bidding reached $5.7 million in September 1999?

a) Brain
b) Heart
c) Kidney
d) Liver

Question 3,771: Math & Science -- Cooling Capacity

What part of the human body has the greatest capacity to cool itself?

a) Feet
b) Hands
c) Head
d) Torso

Question 3,772: Geography & Nature -- Capital City Substitute

What city was temporarily capital of France during World War II and is now a health resort?

a) Nantes
b) Strasbourg
c) Toulouse
d) Vichy

Question 3,773: Literature & Arts -- Little Linus

Who is Linus and Lucy Van Pelt's younger brother?

a) Coda
b) Larry
c) Repeat
d) Rerun

Question 3,774: Sports & Games -- Murder Mystery

Which of the following is not one of the weapons in the Clue board game?

a) Baseball bat
b) Candlestick
c) Rope
d) Wrench

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