Monday, June 22, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,859-3,864

Question 3,859: Entertainment & Food -- Nomination Enumeration

What TV series received the most Emmy Award nominations?

a) Cheers
b) ER
c) Frazier
d) M*A*S*H

Question 3,860: History & Government -- The Dawn of Diamonds

What country produced almost all the world's diamonds until the 18th century?

a) China
b) Egypt
c) India
d) South Africa

Question 3,861: Math & Science -- At-Ten-tion Getter

What mathematician wrote Liber abaci, introducing the decimal system to Europe?

a) Blaise Pascal
b) Gottfried von Leibniz
c) Jacob Bernoulli
d) Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci

Question 3,862: Geography & Nature -- Iran Not So Far Away

What country, whose capital is Islamabad, borders Iran, Afghanistan, and India?

a) Bangladesh
b) Bhutan
c) Nepal
d) Pakistan

Question 3,863: Literature & Arts -- Comic Strip Similarity

Which comic strip below is drawn by an artist with the same name?

a) Adam@Home
b) Cathy
c) Curtis
d) Sylvia

Question 3,864: Sports & Games -- Championshipless Coach

What coach did the NBA name one of the "10 Greatest Coaches" in December 1996 although he had never won a championship?

a) Bill Fitch
b) Don Nelson
c) Jack Ramsay
d) Lenny Wilkens

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