Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Joy of Six - Random Trivia Questions

With today being the sixth day of the sixth month of the year (and the sixth day of the week if you like to start your week with Monday and end it with the weekend like I do), this week's quiz features six of one and half a dozen of the other random questions relating to the number six somehow.

The Joy of Six Questions

  • Q1) What actor or actress played the oldest of the six Brady Bunch children?
  • Q2) Which of the six main characters in the television show Friends transitioned from the finale into a spinoff series?
  • Q3) Who directed the 1996 movie Girl 6?
  • Q4) Which car maker's logo features six stars?
  • Q5) In music, which major key signature has six flats?
  • Q6) In 1973, what became the sixth of the six official languages of the United Nations?
  • Q7) How many total names are provided for each hurricane naming cycle?
  • Q8) Which is the heaviest of the six permanently named noble gases?
  • Q9) In Homer's Odyssey, what six-headed monster did Hercules have to avoid while simultaneously skirting Charybdis?
  • Q10) What author's novel Six Days of the Condor was turned into a movie that covered half as long a time span?
  • Q11) Which TV network's logo features a peacock with six feathers?
  • Q12) Who holds the NFL record with six rushing touchdowns in a single game?

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