Wednesday, June 17, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,835-3,840

Answer 3,835: Entertainment & Food -- Consequential Cowboy

a) Broncho Billy

Gilbert M. Anderson debuted as the silent movie hero in The Great Train Robbery in 1903.

Answer 3,836: History & Government -- Formed by the Fourteenth

b) The League of Nations

The league was officially established by the Paris Peace Conference a year after the President's January 8, 1918 speech to the U.S. Congress.

Answer 3,837: Math & Science -- Icountahedron

d) 20

The largest Platonic solid consists of a score of identical equilateral triangles.

Answer 3,838: Geography & Nature -- Rainier Region

d) Washington

In 1792, Captain George Vancouver of the British Royal Navy dedicated the 14,410-foot peak to his friend Rear Admiral Peter Rainier, not the prevailing weather.

Answer 3,839: Literature & Arts -- Color Commentary

d) White

The great whale's coloring inspired the digression.

Answer 3,840: Sports & Games -- Dan the Man

b) 1,000 meters

Jansen set a world record of 1:12.43 in the final. His sister Jane had died during the 1988 Olympics, and he also went home empty-handed despite being a favorite in 1992.

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