Tuesday, June 9, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,799-3,804

Answer 3,799: Entertainment & Food -- Chill Thrill


The flavored malt beverage was introduced in 1992 as a beer alternative.

Answer 3,800: History & Government -- Anti-Axis

d) Joseph Stalin

Russia fought with the Allies.

Answer 3,801: Math & Science -- Getting to a Gallon

c) 16

There are two cups in a pint, two pints in a quart, and four quarts in a gallon.

Answer 3,802: Geography & Nature -- Colossal Country

d) Russia

Even after the breakup of the Soviet Union, the 6.6 million square miles remaining are over 40% bigger than Canada.

Answer 3,803: Literature & Arts -- Capp's Trap

d) November 15

The day of gender role reversal is often celebrated on February 29 now, but the change occurred much later on college campuses.

Answer 3,804: Sports & Games -- Poll Sitters

c) Notre Dame

The Fighting Irish have led the nation eight times.

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