Thursday, June 18, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,847-3,852

Question 3,847: Entertainment & Food -- Elmer's Eats

What snack did Elmer Doolin concoct in San Antonio, Texas in 1932?

a) Cheetos
b) Doritos
c) Fritos
d) Ruffles

Question 3,848: History & Government -- Appeal for Assistance

What international distress signal was used before S.O.S.?

a) CQD
b) HNQ
c) QBX
d) QQQ

Question 3,849: Math & Science -- Dubious Dinosaur

Which dinosaur below should properly be called apatosaurus?

a) Brachiosaurus
b) Brontosaurus
c) Stegosaurus
d) Tyrannosaurus rex

Question 3,850: Geography & Nature -- Eye of the Beetle?

What insect has the largest eyes?

a) Dragonfly
b) Fly
c) Grasshopper
d) Praying mantis

Question 3,851: Literature & Arts -- The Tale of Typee

What author's first novel was Typee in 1846?

a) Herman Melville
b) James Fenimore Cooper
c) Mary Shelley
d) Nathaniel Hawthorne

Question 3,852: Sports & Games -- Rod, Roberto, and Rolando

What country are baseball player Rod Carew, boxer Roberto Duran, and basketball player Rolando Blackman from?

a) Cuba
b) Dominican Republic
c) Haiti
d) Panama

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