Tuesday, June 16, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,829-3,834

Answer 3,829: Entertainment & Food -- Chart-Climbing Comedian

a) Eddie Murphy

The Saturday Night Live veteran had just reached the peak of his popularity after starring in Beverly Hills Cop.

Answer 3,830: History & Government -- Sabatoged City

b) Jerusalem

Roman Emperor Vespasian, founder of the Flavian dynasty, conquered the city, demolished the Second Temple, and enslaved its citizens.

Answer 3,831: Math & Science -- Thoughtful Theorem

c) Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss

His "Remarkable Theorem" states that the curvature of a surface can be measured from the surface itself, such as by making calculations from distances and angles.

Answer 3,832: Geography & Nature -- Cheviot, Columbia, Corriedale, and Cotswold

d) Sheep

The Columbia and Corriedale varieties are bred for their meat, while the Cheviot and Cotswold breeds are grown for both meat and wool.

Answer 3,833: Literature & Arts -- Sergeant Snorkle

b) Orville

Mort Walker's strip about the U.S. Army has followed the action at Camp Swampy since 1950.

Answer 3,834: Sports & Games -- Mini-Monopolies

b) 2

The Mediterranean Avenue/Baltic Avenue and Park Place/Boardwalk pairs are located diagonally opposite each other next to "Go".

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