Sunday, June 28, 2009

Topping Two Times - Random Trivia Answers

  • A1) John Steinbeck. Steinbeck went nearly a decade between his #1 novel on November 2, 1952 and his #1 travelogue on October 21, 1962 but still became the first person to top both lists.
  • A2) Ernest Hemingway. The Old Man and the Sea Pulitzer Prize winner topped the fiction and non-fiction charts on October 15, 1950 and June 14, 1964.
  • A3) William Styron. The Virginian also had a #1 fiction best seller with Sophie's Choice on July 22, 1979, almost a dozen years after Nat Turner.
  • A4) Dr. Seuss. The children's author landed his only chart-toppers on March 4, 1990 and March 30, 1986.
  • A5) Jimmy Buffett. The singer topped the fiction list on September 20, 1992 and the non-fiction list six years later.
  • A6) Tom Clancy, the latter with Chuck Horner. Clancy has had fourteen best sellers.
  • A7) Patricia Cornwell. Cornwell has topped the fiction list fifteen times but the non-fiction list just once.
  • A8) Mitch Albom. Albom topped the fiction list a second time with For One More Day on October 15, 2006, three years after ...Heaven and eight and a half years after Tuesdays....
  • A9) John Grisham. After sixteen fiction #1s, Grisham topped the non-fiction list for the only time on October 29, 2006 before returning to the fiction side three more times.
  • A10) James Patterson with Andrew Gross and Hal Friedman respectively. Patterson teamed up for #1s with Gross five times, Maxine Paetro four times, Howard Roughan three times, Michael Ledwidge and Peter de Jonge twice each, and Gabrielle Charbonnet once for a total of eighteen.
  • A11) Glenn Beck with Kevin Balfe and Jason Wright on the first and just Kevin Balfe on the second. The radio and television host topped each chart once, on November 30, 2008 and December 9, 2007 to become the most recent member of the club.
  • A12) Tom Clancy. Clancy's other non-fiction #1 was also a collaboration, Shadow Warriors with Carl Stiner and Tony Koltz.

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