Friday, June 19, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,847-3,852

Answer 3,847: Entertainment & Food -- Elmer's Eats

c) Fritos

The promoter purchased the corn chip recipe and a few retail accounts in San Antonio for $100 allegedly obtained by hocking his mother's wedding ring.

Answer 3,848: History & Government -- Appeal for Assistance

a) CQD

Because of its difficult-to-remember Morse code (.-.- --.- -..), the simpler S.O.S. (... --- ...) took over in 1908.

Answer 3,849: Math & Science -- Dubious Dinosaur

b) Brontosaurus

The misidentification occurred because of a mismatched head.

Answer 3,850: Geography & Nature -- Eye of the Beetle?

a) Dragonfly

Their huge, multifaceted eyes give them almost 360-degree vision.

Answer 3,851: Literature & Arts -- The Tale of Typee

a) Herman Melville

The story is based on his real experience of jumping ship in the Marquesas Islands.

Answer 3,852: Sports & Games -- Rod, Roberto, and Rolando

d) Panama

The country has produced an exceptional number of great athletes for its population of under three million.

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