Wednesday, June 24, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,865-3,870

Answer 3,865: Entertainment & Food -- Mr. Matlock

a) Benjamin

Andy Griffith played the criminal defense attorney from 1986 to 1995.

Answer 3,866: History & Government -- Before BP

a) Amoco

Standard Oil had been declared a monopoly in 1911 and split into 34 regional companies.

Answer 3,867: Math & Science -- Energy Expectation

b) Hermann Helmholtz

The 1847 law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can change its form.

Answer 3,868: Geography & Nature -- Desert of Dunes

a) Arabian Desert

Sand dunes account for thirty percent of its area, including the 250,000-square-mile Empty Quarter (Rub al Khali).

Answer 3,869: Literature & Arts -- Overdone Opera?

a) La Boheme

Arturo Toscanini conducted the premiere of Giacomo Puccini's masterpiece in Turin in 1896.

Answer 3,870: Sports & Games -- Homer Heat

d) 10

An "out" is any swing that does not result in a home run during the All-Star Game contest. Bobby Abreu smacked a record 24 balls over the fence during the first round in 2005.

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