Sunday, July 12, 2009

City Side (U.S. edition) - Random Trivia Answers

  • A1) North. Fresno is just southwest of the geographic center of the state, while Sacramento is northeast of San Francisco and Oakland.
  • A2) North. A nearly straight north-to-south line can be drawn through the center of Colorado and its four most populous cities: Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.
  • A3) West. Jacksonville borders the Atlantic Ocean, while Tallahassee lies along the middle of the northern edge of the state.
  • A4) East. Boise is near Oregon (almost exactly centered north and south), while Idaho Falls is in the southeast of Idaho, close to Montana and Wyoming and a little farther from Utah.
  • A5) East. Kansas City is on the west next to Kansas, while St. Louis is on the east touching Illinois.
  • A6) West. Billings is near Wyoming, while Butte is near Idaho. Helena is close to Butte, to the north and a little east.
  • A7) East. Bismarck is slightly west and south of the state's center, while Fargo is in the middle of the eastern edge next to Minnesota.
  • A8) North. Both cities are near the western edge of the state but not on the ocean, with Eugene in the middle and Salem more to the north, almost exactly halfway on a straight line to Portland.
  • A9) West. Knoxville lies in the eastern third of the state, Nashville in the middle third, and Memphis in the western third, all the way in the southwest corner.
  • A10) West. Houston is a port city on the Gulf of Mexico, while San Antonio lies farther inland, almost directly west but still in the eastern half of the state.
  • A11) West. Spokane is near Idaho, while Tacoma is a port city on the Pacific Ocean.
  • A12) East. Both cities are near the state's southern border, with Madison in the middle and Milwaukee all the way east on Lake Michigan.

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