Thursday, July 16, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,967-3,972

Question 3,967: Entertainment & Food -- Saint Laurent's Senior

What designer did Yves Saint Laurent take over for?

a) Christian Dior
b) Gabrielle Chanel
c) Hubert de Givenchy
d) Lucien Lelong

Question 3,968: History & Government -- Supreme Dream

In front of which landmark did Martin Luther King, Jr. give his famous "I Have a Dream" speech on August 28, 1963?

a) Jefferson Memorial
b) Lincoln Memorial
c) Washington Monument
d) White House

Question 3,969: Math & Science -- Sturdy Stone

Which is the hardest of the following gems?

a) Corundum
b) Feldspar
c) Quartz
d) Topaz

Question 3,970: Geography & Nature -- Hot Spot

Which continent has the highest average temperature?

a) Africa
b) Asia
c) Australia
d) South America

Question 3,971: Literature & Arts -- Urbino Art

What artist was born in Urbino, Italy in 1483 and painted the Marriage of the Virgin?

a) Leonardo da Vinci
b) Michelangelo
c) Raphael
d) Vincent van Gogh

Question 3,972: Sports & Games -- Slow Poke Stroke

What does a tennis umpire say if a player hits the ball just after its second bounce?

a) "Dead ball"
b) "Double bounce"
c) "No shot"
d) "Not up"

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