Monday, July 6, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,919-3,924

Question 3,919: Entertainment & Food -- Junior VJ

Who was the youngest of the original MTV video jockeys?

a) Alan Hunter
b) Mark Goodman
c) Martha Quinn
d) Nina Blackwood

Question 3,920: History & Government -- Significant Survivor

Who was the only person below who survived the Alamo in 1836?

a) Davy Crockett
b) Jim Bowie
c) Sam Houston
d) William Travis

Question 3,921: Math & Science -- Air and Air Alike

Which is the only planet or dwarf planet in the solar system besides Earth whose atmosphere is mostly nitrogen?

a) Jupiter
b) Mars
c) Pluto
d) Uranus

Question 3,922: Geography & Nature -- Strait Talk

What U.S. city's name is French for "strait"?

a) Bellevue, Washington
b) Detroit, Michigan
c) Eau Claire, Wisconsin
d) Lafayette, Louisiana

Question 3,923: Literature & Arts -- President Profile

Who was the only U.S. President covered in John F. Kennedy's 1956 book Profiles in Courage?

a) Abraham Lincoln
b) George Washington
c) John Quincy Adams
d) Thomas Jefferson

Question 3,924: Sports & Games -- Soccer Summit

What country won the first World Cup soccer championship in 1930?

a) Argentina
b) Czechoslovakia
c) Italy
d) Uruguay

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