Tuesday, July 14, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,955-3,960

Question 3,955: Entertainment & Food -- Seventh Son Singer

What country singer named his music publishing business Seventh Son Music?

a) Glen Campbell
b) John Denver
c) Kenny Rogers
d) Willie Nelson

Question 3,956: History & Government -- Soldier Slang

In World War II slang, what was the opposite of "grandma"?

a) "Clara"
b) "Gertrude"
c) "Matilda"
d) "Rachel"

Question 3,957: Math & Science -- Cyclotron Sire

Who designed the cyclotron in 1929?

a) Edwin Mattison McMillan
b) Ernest Orlando Lawrence
c) Ernest Thomas Sinton Walton
d) John Douglas Cockcroft

Question 3,958: Geography & Nature -- Unac-county-ed

Which U.S. city below is not part of a county?

a) Baltimore, Maryland
b) Charleston, West Virginia
c) Frankfort, Kentucky
d) Nashville, Tennessee

Question 3,959: Literature & Arts -- M and MI6

In the James Bond novels, what was 'M' short for?

a) Maitlin
b) Messervy
c) Michelson
d) Mooring

Question 3,960: Sports & Games -- First Foam Fun

For which sport did Reyn Guyer introduce the first soft foam Nerf ball?

a) Baseball
b) Basketball
c) Soccer
d) Volleyball

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