Tuesday, July 21, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,979-3,984

Answer 3,979: Entertainment & Food -- Spike and Mike

d) She's Gotta Have It

The Atlanta-born, Brooklyn-raised director played Mars Blackmon in the 1986 film and the sneaker ads.

Answer 3,980: History & Government -- Central American Civilization

c) Mayans

They understood the concept of zero, employed a base 20 number system, and used a calendar that was more accurate than either the Julian or Gregorian calendar.

Answer 3,981: Math & Science -- Freud's Friends

d) Libido

The father of psychoanalysis believed that the conflict between the libido and the id led to neurosis.

Answer 3,982: Geography & Nature -- Basutoland Became

b) Lesotho

The nation gained its independence from the U.K. and took its new name in 1966.

Answer 3,983: Literature & Arts -- Modern Magazine

d) Sports Illustrated

The superbly-written periodical debuted on August 16, 1954, six years after Sport. Field and Stream began in 1873 and the Sporting News in 1885.

Answer 3,984: Sports & Games -- Roundball Record

b) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

The Los Angeles Lakers center totaled 38,387 points on 6,712 free throws, 15,837 field goals, and one lone 3-point field goal.

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