Monday, July 27, 2009

General Trivia Questions #4,009-4,014

Question 4,009: Entertainment & Food -- Wedding Wieck

What composer married Clara Wieck on September 12, 1840?

a) Franz Liszt
b) Frederic Chopin
c) Johannes Brahms
d) Robert Schumann

Question 4,010: History & Government -- Got Mascot?

What was the first U.S. university to adopt a mascot?

a) MIT
b) Princeton
c) William and Mary
d) Yale

Question 4,011: Math & Science -- Most Stable in the Periodic Table

What chemical element has the most stable nucleus?

a) Carbon
b) Helium
c) Iron
d) Lead

Question 4,012: Geography & Nature -- Car Crooks

According to FBI statistics, what U.S. city is #1 in auto thefts per capita?

a) Detroit, Michigan
b) Jersey City, New Jersey
c) Miami, Florida
d) Phoenix, Arizona

Question 4,013: Literature & Arts -- Latest Letter

What was the last letter added to the Western alphabet?

a) J
b) Q
c) W
d) Z

Question 4,014: Sports & Games -- Poker Pinnacle

In poker, what is the best of the following hands?

a) Four of a Kind
b) Full House
c) Royal Straight
d) Straight Flush

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