Sunday, July 26, 2009

General Trivia Questions #4,003-4,008

Question 4,003: Entertainment & Food -- Original Soap Opera

What was the first daytime soap opera on TV?

a) All of My Children
b) These Are My Children
c) Where Are My Children?
d) Who Are My Children?

Question 4,004: History & Government -- Presidential Progression

In the U.S., who is the last of the following people in the sequence of presidential succession?

a) President Pro Tempore of Senate
b) Secretary of State
c) Secretary of Treasury
d) Speaker of the House

Question 4,005: Math & Science -- Light Bulb Launch

What type of light bulb was first sold commercially on May 26, 1961?

a) Black
b) Fluorescent
c) Halogen
d) Three-way

Question 4,006: Geography & Nature -- Largest Landfill

In which New York borough is the world's largest landfill located?

a) Brooklyn
b) Queens
c) Staten Island
d) Yonkers

Question 4,007: Literature & Arts -- Notable Quotable

Which poet's quote, "What mighty contests rise from trivial things", appears on Trivial Pursuit boxes?

a) Alexander Pope
b) Christopher Marlowe
c) Francis Bacon
d) William Shakespeare

Question 4,008: Sports & Games -- Ice Idol

What figure skater did Kristi Yamaguchi idolize and have a doll of at age 4?

a) Dorothy Hamill
b) Katarina Witt
c) Peggy Fleming
d) Sonja Henie

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