Thursday, July 30, 2009

General Trivia Questions #4,027-4,032

Question 4,027: Entertainment & Food -- Raspberry Record

Which actor or actress has been nominated for the most Golden Raspberry Awards?

a) Bo Derek
b) Kevin Costner
c) Madonna
d) Sylvester Stallone

Question 4,028: History & Government -- Surpassing a Century

When did the U.S. population first reach 100 million?

a) 1855
b) 1885
c) 1915
d) 1945

Question 4,029: Math & Science -- Making Mass

What scientist formulated the law of conservation of mass in 1774?

a) Antoine Lavoisier
b) Hermann Helmholtz
c) John Dalton
d) Joseph Proust

Question 4,030: Geography & Nature -- Next of Kinshasa

What African country's capital and most populous city is Kinshasa?

a) Angola
b) Central African Republic
c) Democratic Republic of the Congo
d) Rwanda

Question 4,031: Literature & Arts -- Mercury Maddened

What was the profession of the mercury-poisoned character in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?

a) Butcher
b) Hatter
c) Tailor
d) Watchmaker

Question 4,032: Sports & Games -- Room With a Clue

Which of the following is not one of the rooms in the Clue board game?

a) Ballroom
b) Billiard room
c) Conservatory
d) Master bedroom

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