Tuesday, July 7, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,925-3,930

Question 3,925: Entertainment & Food -- Pharmacist's Prescription

What soft drink did pharmacist John Pemberton invent?

a) Coca-Cola
b) Dr Pepper
c) Pepsi
d) Seven Up

Question 3,926: History & Government -- Dow Thou

In what decade did the Dow Jones Industrial Average first break 1,000?

a) 1960s
b) 1970s
c) 1980s
d) 1990s

Question 3,927: Math & Science -- Super Satellite

What is the largest moon in the solar system?

a) Callisto
b) Ganymede
c) Io
d) Titan

Question 3,928: Geography & Nature -- Mo' Canada

What is the most populous city in Canada?

a) Montreal
b) Ottawa
c) Toronto
d) Vancouver

Question 3,929: Literature & Arts -- Blue's Snooze

In the nursery rhyme "Little Boy Blue", where is the shepherd boy sleeping?

a) Barn
b) Corn field
c) Haystack
d) Stable

Question 3,930: Sports & Games -- Tennis Tot

Who was the youngest male to win Wimbledon?

a) Bjorn Borg
b) Boris Becker
c) John McEnroe
d) Pete Sampras

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