Thursday, July 16, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,961-3,966

Answer 3,961: Entertainment & Food -- Bigger Than a Bread Box

c) What's My Line?

The comedian was the original Tonight show host.

Answer 3,962: History & Government -- Stone Faced

b) P.G.T. Beauregard

The Confederate memorial was completed on March 3, 1972.

Answer 3,963: Math & Science -- Meningitis Menace

a) Brain

The ailment is an inflammation of the membranes covering the brain or spinal cord.

Answer 3,964: Geography & Nature -- Orient Express Exit

d) Turkey

The train travels to Istanbul.

Answer 3,965: Literature & Arts -- Locata-bell

c) Spain

The 1940 novel occurs during the Spanish Civil War.

Answer 3,966: Sports & Games -- Sampras Stopper

a) Andre Agassi

The Las Vegas native captured both the French Open and the U.S. Open that year just two years after bottoming out at #141 in the rankings.

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