Thursday, July 9, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,937-3,942

Question 3,937: Entertainment & Food -- Pennsylvania Patent

What instrument did Philadelphia musician Anthony Foss patent on January 13, 1854?

a) Accordion
b) Clarinet
c) Saxophone
d) Timpani

Question 3,938: History & Government -- Fledgling First Lady

Who was the youngest First Lady?

a) Francis Folsom Cleveland
b) Harriet Lane Johnston
c) Jackie Kennedy
d) Lucy Hayes

Question 3,939: Math & Science -- Galton's Gushings

What discipline's name did Sir Francis Galton coin in 1883?

a) Ecology
b) Ethology
c) Eugenics
d) Evolutionism

Question 3,940: Geography & Nature -- Beyond the Balkans

Which country below is not considered a Balkan state?

a) Bulgaria
b) Croatia
c) Moldova
d) Serbia and Montenegro

Question 3,941: Literature & Arts -- Precautionary Premiere

What author's first novel was Precaution in 1820?

a) Herman Melville
b) James Fenimore Cooper
c) Mary Shelley
d) Nathaniel Hawthorne

Question 3,942: Sports & Games -- Billy Ball

In which sport did actor Billy Crystal earn a college scholarship?

a) Baseball
b) Basketball
c) Golf
d) Tennis

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