Sunday, July 19, 2009

City Side (world edition) - Random Trivia Answers

  • A1) West. Melbourne, the capital of Victoria and the country's capital until 1927, lies on the east of the southern shore, while Perth lies on the south of the western shore.
  • A2) West. Rio de Janeiro is nearly directly east of Sao Paulo, the country's most populous city, although both are on the Atlantic Ocean.
  • A3) South. Beijing means Northern capital, while Nanjing means Southern capital. If you're looking for Dongjing (Eastern capital), that's China's name for Tokyo. To be complete, there is no Xijing (Western capital), but there is a Xi'An (Western Peace). (By coincidence, I just taught these four names to my sons today because they were playing with mah jong tiles).
  • A4) East. Bristol is in the west, on the Bristol Channel, while London is in the east, on the River Thames.
  • A5) East. Bordeaux is on the west coast in the south, on the Bay of Biscay, and Marseilles is on the southeast coast on the Mediterranean Sea.
  • A6) South. Hamburg is in the north, on the River Elbe, while Munich is in the south on the River Isar just north of the Bavarian Alps.
  • A7) West. Calcutta is on the east coast, on the Bay of Bengal, opposite Mumbai on the west coast, on the Arabian Sea.
  • A8) North. Rome is on the southwest coast, on the Tyrrhenian Sea yet almost in the middle of Italy, while Venice is to the north, on the Adriatic Sea.
  • A9) East. Both cities are near the middle of the island of Honshu, with Osaka to the west (and a little south) and Tokyo to the east (and a little north).
  • A10) South. Chihuahua is in the north, while Mazatlan is directly south along the southwestern shore touching the Pacific Ocean.
  • A11) South. Both cities are on North Island, with Auckland in the north and Wellington all the way south.
  • A12) West. Edinburgh, the capital, is to the southeast on the Firth of Forth leading to the North Sea, while Glasgow, the most populous city is in the south, on the River Clyde.

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