Wednesday, July 15, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,955-3,960

Answer 3,955: Entertainment & Food -- Seventh Son Singer

a) Glen Campbell

The Rhinestone Cowboy was the seventh son in his family. He has had six children with four wives but still needs four more sons to continue the legacy.

Answer 3,956: History & Government -- Soldier Slang

d) "Rachel"

The terms referred to the lowest and highest gears of a vehicle.

Answer 3,957: Math & Science -- Cyclotron Sire

b) Ernest Orlando Lawrence

The South Dakotan won the Nobel Prize in physics for his work a decade later.

Answer 3,958: Geography & Nature -- Unac-county-ed

a) Baltimore, Maryland

Charm City is an independent city, as is Carson City, Nevada.

Answer 3,959: Literature & Arts -- M and MI6

b) Messervy

Sir Miles Messervy is Bond's boss and the head of the British Secret Intelligence Service MI6.

Answer 3,960: Sports & Games -- First Foam Fun

d) Volleyball

Parker Brothers sold four million of the indoor balls in their debut year in 1969.

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