Wednesday, July 22, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,991-3,996

Question 3,991: Entertainment & Food -- Homicide Hunter

In the NBC television show Hunter, what was the title character's first name?

a) Buck
b) Jock
c) Mack
d) Rick

Question 3,992: History & Government -- Foreign Favor

What was the first country to get foreign aid from the United States, in 1812?

a) Brazil
b) Canada
c) Mexico
d) Venezuela

Question 3,993: Math & Science -- Sound Spreading

In which of the following mediums does sound travel the fastest?

a) Air
b) Granite
c) Steel
d) Water

Question 3,994: Geography & Nature -- Low Sea

The top of what sea is the lowest point in Europe?

a) Adriatic Sea
b) Baltic Sea
c) Caspian Sea
d) North Sea

Question 3,995: Literature & Arts -- Mutt's Moniker

What is the first name of Mutt in the Mutt and Jeff comic strip?

a) Augustus
b) Julius
c) Nero
d) Tiberius

Question 3,996: Sports & Games -- Ouija Words

What term besides "Yes", "No", and the game's name appears on a Ouija board?

a) "Answer"
b) "Good Bye"
c) "Help"
d) "Time"

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