Thursday, July 23, 2009

General Trivia Questions #3,997-4,002

Question 3,997: Entertainment & Food -- Rock and Roll Recognition

In what city did the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame open in 1995?

a) Cleveland, Ohio
b) Detroit, Michigan
c) New York, New York
d) San Francisco, California

Question 3,998: History & Government -- Lyon's Ladies

What was the first women's college in the U.S., founded by Mary Lyon in 1837?

a) Mount Holyoke
b) Smith
c) Vassar
d) Wellesley

Question 3,999: Math & Science -- Constellation Sensation

What constellation includes the Big Dipper?

a) Canis Minor
b) Orion
c) Ursa Major
d) Ursa Minor

Question 4,000: Geography & Nature -- Counterfeit Capital

Which city below is not its country's capital?

a) Belize City, Belize
b) Guatemala City, Guatemala
c) Mexico City, Mexico
d) Panama City, Panama

Question 4,001: Literature & Arts -- Matzoh Moment

On what Jewish holiday is matzoh bread traditionally eaten?

a) Hanukkah
b) Passover
c) Rosh Hashanah
d) Yom Kippur

Question 4,002: Sports & Games -- Price Principality

In what country did golfer Nick Price grow up?

a) Australia
b) Netherlands
c) United Kingdom
d) Zimbabwe

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