Friday, July 10, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,937-3,942

Answer 3,937: Entertainment & Food -- Pennsylvania Patent

a) Accordion

The handheld squeezebox is a member of the organ family.

Answer 3,938: History & Government -- Fledgling First Lady

a) Francis Folsom Cleveland

She was 21 years old, 28 years younger than the Veto President, when they married during his first term. His sister Rose had served as First Lady until then.

Answer 3,939: Math & Science -- Galton's Gushings

c) Eugenics

The science's aim is to improve a species, especially human beings, by selective breeding.

Answer 3,940: Geography & Nature -- Beyond the Balkans

c) Moldova

The others are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Macedonia, and Romania.

Answer 3,941: Literature & Arts -- Precautionary Premiere

b) James Fenimore Cooper

His Jane Austen-style work found few readers, but only one year later he emulated Sir Walter Scott instead and hit the mark with The Spy.

Answer 3,942: Sports & Games -- Billy Ball

a) Baseball

When Harry Met Sally contains several baseball-related scenes, City Slickers often refers to the sport, and the New Yorker directed the HBO historical movie 61*.

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