Friday, July 3, 2009

General Trivia Answers #3,907-3,912

Answer 3,907: Entertainment & Food -- Water Musician

a) George Frederich Handel

The water was the Thames River, which King George liked to travel on while accompanied by the music.

Answer 3,908: History & Government -- Caretaker Capital

c) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Construction of the Capitol building began in 1792 and still was not complete when John Adams moved in eight years later.

Answer 3,909: Math & Science -- Lightning Leach

c) Nitrogen

About 10 million tons of the essential nutrient are added to the soil each year.

Answer 3,910: Geography & Nature -- Polar Bear Fare

c) Seals

Ursus maritimus, the largest carnivore that lives on land, also consumes other fish-eating animals.

Answer 3,911: Literature & Arts -- South Pacific Pulitzer

b) James Michener

Rogers and Hammerstein created the musical in 1949, two years after the book came out. A big screen movie was released in 1958 and a TV movie in 2001.

Answer 3,912: Sports & Games -- Baseball Bird

c) St. Louis Cardinals

Teri McConnell debuted as the redbird on Opening Day in 1978.

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